Wireless Security – The Basics

People use wireless networks on a daily basis and are growing concerned about the possible threats. Taking the following precautions significantly mitigates security risks associated with mobile wireless access.

1. Install a firewall
2. Enter passwords only into websites that include an SSL key on the bottom right. If the hotspot is not working properly, assume your password has been compromised, report to hotspot service provider and change your password at the next immediate opportunity
3. Disable/remove the wireless card if you are not actively using the hotspot
4. Ensure that your laptop is updated with the latest security patches
5. Avoid hotspots where it is difficult to tell who’s connected (hotels, airport clubs, conferences)
6. Use hotspots only for internet surfing
7. Read all pop-up windows in their entirety
8. Do not use insecure applications such as non-encrypted email or instant messaging while at hotspots
9. Explicitly disable municipal WiFi access from within the enterprise
10. Install AirDefense Personal